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Martin Saunders


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Horley East


Residents Association


Full Council (Chairman)
Planning and Development
Leisure and Amenities
Environment Sub-Committee

Martin became a town councillor in 2019 as an independent residents association candidate for Horley East. Prior to becoming a member of the town council, Martin founded The Acres Residents' Association in 2014, an association with a membership of around 1000 members representing over 80% of the houses on The Acres.

Martin is passionate about Horley, having moved here in 2011 with his wife Katherine to bring up their 3 boys, Robin, Owen and Noah. Martin says "Horley is where I call home - I love the combination of how Horley is small enough to get to know people and make new friends while is also large enough to support a useful town centre with great links to London and the south coast."

Martin's career is in the Internet industry, having worked for several Internet Service Providers and managed IT businesses since school and university. "I hope that one way I can help the council and its members is to bring my knowledge and experience of technology into the running of the council and its services" he notes. Martin founded Level Up - an appeal to donate laptops to disadvantaged children in Horley during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has donated 350 laptops to Horley students to date.

Martin is also very passionate about the environment, especially climate change and plastic waste. He led the re-launch of the Environment Working Group in 2019 and proposed the council's climate emergency motion shortly after. 

Martin is good looking, funny and modest, and makes a great Coq au vin


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