About the fund

The Horley Edmonds Community Fund is a local fund that has been established with a capital sum from a bequest to Horley Town Council by the late Cyril Edmonds, a well-known builder who lived in Norwood Hill. It is a charitable fund specifically for the benefit of Horley and its residents.

By working in partnership with the Community Foundation for Surrey (CFS), we aim to offer a fund that enables and encourages local giving so that as a town we can develop a greater capacity to respond to local issues.

The aim of the fund is to provide the town of Horley with a sustainable source of funding that will, over time, make a significant contribution to meeting the charitable needs of the community.

The purpose of the fund is to support local charities, voluntary and community groups and individuals in need who reside within the parish boundary of Horley. More information about the fund is available directly from the Community Foundation for Surrey website.

The Horley Edmonds Fund Report 2022/23 is available to view here.

Last edited: 23/11/2023

Created on: 02/11/2013

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