Smith's Gifts Christmas grants now available

Smith's Gifts are funded by the Henry Smith Horley Charity. The gifts are small sums of money or vouchers to help individual residents or families who live in Horley, Salfords and Sidlow to make their lives a little easier or to enable them to take up opportunities to improve their circumstances.

If you are a Horley resident over 75 who considers yourself to be in need, you can apply for a christmas grant worth £20 in shop vouchers to help cover the cost of the christmas holidays.

Application forms can be acquired at:
Horley Town Council, Albert Road, Horley
Horley Day Centre, Regent Hall, Horley
Salfords Parish Church, Honeycrook Lane, Salfords

Or get in touch at:
55 Fairfield Ave, Horley, RH6 7PB
01293 782629

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