Footpath Diversion Proposal



Surrey County Council has received an application from Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd, to divert Public Footpath 392, Horley, due to pedestrian safety concerns at Denehurst Level Crossing, which is at a point approximately 184 metres to the north east of FP392’s junction with A23 Bonehurst Road (Grid ref 528602 144841). The current legal route is shown A-B and the proposed route A-C-D-E which would join the existing footway at the junction of Orchard Drive and Cross Oak Lane as shown on drawing no. 3/1/45/H34 posted with this notice.

As part of their application to divert Network Rail have agreed to provide a path with a minimum width of 2 metres on the proposed route A-C-D-E. Between points C and D the path will pass through an existing arch in the Viaduct and so under the railway line.

FP 392 crosses over the London Victoria to Brighton railway line, but is currently subject to a Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order.
The Council can make a Diversion Order if it is satisfied that it is not reasonably practicable to make the path safe for public use. We are therefore anxious to obtain the views of anyone who might be affected so that an informed decision can be taken.
If you have any comments or objections to the proposal, please send them in writing, by Monday 22nd July 2019 to:

Andrew Whiddett
Countryside Access Team
Surrey County Council
Whitebeam Lodge
Merrow Depot
Merrow Lane
Telephone 020 8541 7081

It would be helpful to have your reasons for objecting to / supporting the proposal. If you require any further information or you wish to obtain a copy of this notice or the plan, please email or telephone the above.
If the Council decides to make an order then it will be advertised in the local paper and by notice on site for a further 28-day period.

Please note that in the interests of open government, response to this consultation may be disclosed to the public and may be summarised for inclusion in committee reports. If you do not wish your personal details (i.e. name and address) to be made public please notify us in your response.

Map indicating the suggested diversion

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