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By way of a further update, we have been in discussions with GAL and NATS since the end of July about those aircraft overflying the town.  We have directed most queries to NATS as vectoring by their controllers are causing these overflights.  We have emailed 4 sample days, using track information from Casper, asking for an explanation as these are clearly in breach of the Horley overflight rule and have been increasing in numbers since June.  NATS has said that they will give their findings at a scheduled meeting of the Noise & Track Monitoring Advisory Group on 29 September 2016.  Our Town Mayor and Chairman, Cllr Mike George, is also a member of NATMAG (Noise & Track Monitoring Working Group) and the group’s response will be published shortly thereafter on the HTC website.  Furthermore, during this period, we have received many emails and phone calls with residents whose main concerns are the overflights of the town.  We shall continue to engage with NATS for as long as necessary but we would suggest that the overflights are not part of the redesign of Route 4 but would appear to be as a consequence.  Cllr George is more than happy to talk to any resident further on this or Route 4 matters and is contactable through the HTC office. 

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