Gatwick Airport: Route 4 modifications

The town council has received many comments from local residents recently about aircraft noise in particular pointing out aircraft flying overhead Horley. 

The town has acted on these complaints and has: :

  • sent details to Gatwick Airport Ltd last week
  • identified tracking info
  • passed on flight numbers

For information we are aware that the departure routes within Route 4 were not fully compliant as some aircraft were flying outside the northern edge of the NPR swathe. Modifications were made to this route to ensure that aircraft move back inside the NPR on a trial basis from May to November 2016.  We have however requested Gatwick Airport Ltd to inform us exactly what will happen when the trial ends in November 2016. 

Please note that, in respect of any aircraft which are overflying Horley, this is a clear breach of the current aircraft navigation regulations and should be reported directly to Gatwick Airport.

Information about Route 4 is also available from this link.  To report noise issues please use this link or call the Flight Performance Team (FPT) on 0800 393 070 or send an enquiry to

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