Loose Horses on Emlyn Meadows

For the past month the Town Council has been dealing with the on-going problem of horses grazing on Emlyn Meadows, having escaped from the adjacent field.  The background to this is that several horses were illegally left in the field, which lies between Emlyn Meadows and Bonehurst Road.  Within a short period the horses were finding their way through several gaps in the boundary fence and moving onto Emlyn Meadows to graze there.

The Town Council has, on several occasions, arranged for all the horses to be taken back to the original field following which all the fences and stiles and some residents’ fencing has been repaired by Town Council contractors, in an attempt to make this “horse proof”.   The Town Council has also contacted the joint landowners of the adjacent land, namely the RSPCA, Cancer Research UK and Barnardo’s. The RSPCA has conducted an assessment of the horses.  The three charities will be billed for the fencing repairs carried out to date.

Surrey Police have also attended several times to deal with the matter, as, on a number of occasions, some of the horses have strayed onto public highways.  The Town Council has gone to considerable public expense to deal with this matter and today has requested that Surrey Police remove the horses, next time they stray onto the highway.

Residents are requested not to feed the horses please as this will encourage them to continue to stray onto Emlyn Meadows, and to ensure dogs are kept under control when near any horse found on the meadow.

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