Help with water bills


At SES Water we pride ourselves in helping our vulnerable customers by offering schemes and services that are tailored to their individual specific needs.

  • How they can save money on their water accounts through discounts and schemes
  • How they can manage their accounts through our online portal
  • How they can get further support through our PSR register & request home visits

Water Support Scheme

If you are a low household income (This does not include any disability benefits) you maybe eligible to 50% off your water bill. To see if you may be eligible for this discount, please click on the link below or call us on 01737 785606.

Online Portal – My Account

This enables you to make payments, view bills, track your usage, set up direct debits and so much more. We have Recite me which is a language and accessibility tool bar. The toolbar quickly and easily translates all our web content into over 100 languages, including 35 texts to speech voices. Just click the Accessibility help? rectangle on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen on the website. To sign up or find out about this click on the link below.

Priority Services Register (PSR)

This is a free service for energy and water companies so they can help support their most vulnerable customers.

Who would benefit from this?

Someone who has poor mobility, reduced sight, hearing or sense of smell and/or speech difficulties, someone is not able to communicate in English, someone is of pensionable age, someone who has poor communication and needs to have a nominee contact or has children under 5 years old, may all benefit from additional support in the event of an interruption to their water supply.

Contact us:

We have other schemes, services, metering advice, free water saving devices and so much more.

website: email: Tel: 01737 785606

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