HTC Environment Sub-Committee Update – Tree Planting Initiatives and Wildflower Planting in Horley

News Release

March 2023

We are delighted to report that the HTC Environment Sub-Committee of Councillors and Non-Councillors were instrumental in progressing a variety of tree planting initiatives in Horley, through effective collaborative working with Surrey County Council and sharing local knowledge to identify suitable areas.  We would like to thank the SCC Highways Environmental Officer for his enormous help and support to help us accomplish our tree planting objectives so far.

One such location is Cheyne Walk roundabout, after we received important feedback from residents in that something environmentally creative should be done with the roundabout and to encourage more wildlife as well as improve plant and insect biodiversity.  So we took the opportunity to follow this up and help make it become a reality.  On the day of planting last month, volunteers from the SCC Highways team and Yunex helped to get the self-watering whips into the ground and huge thanks to them all.  Over 300 trees in total were planted around the outside of the roundabout, and 4 new larger ones in the centre (2 Sorbus Aria; 1 Acer Platanoides; and 1 Tilia Platyphyllos).  The species of whips, included Prunus avium; Malus sylvestris; Acer campestre; Sorbus aucuparia; Cornus sanguinea; Viburnum opulus; Rosa canina; Sorbus torminalis; Prunus spinosa; and Crataegus monogyna.  We would also like to extend a note of sincere thanks to all volunteers for their great work.  We understand the trees will not need much looking after just yet, but when the weather gets warmer, watering of the of 4 bigger trees a few times a week would be ideal at these times for the first 3 years of life.

Resident Update: If you are a resident near the Cheyne Walk roundabout and think you could help with the odd bucket full of water and 10 minutes of your time, at least once a week, then please get in touch. We'd like to set up a watering group; with a handful of volunteers the project will succeed and benefits to local environment will be huge. If you are interested in helping, please contact +447796 693423.

Another location identified for tree planting was the Kingsley Road junction with Greenfields Road.  SCC only own the smaller verges where there is room for 2 or 3 trees, without affecting site lines on the bend, and the service searches undertaken and paid for by HTC came back, suggesting that they are clear. The good news from these enquiries is that SCC propose to plant, at the request of HTC, two cherry trees of different varieties and one pear tree and we understand these may be programmed into a future tranche of tree planting this year.

Additionally, around 2,400 self-watering whips were planted between the junction with Cross Oak Lane and Orchard Drive playground.

Members of the HTC Sub-Committee aim to get in touch with interested residents to organise the watering requirements at some of the above-mentioned locations.

We are also pleased to report that the HTC Environment Sub-Committee has progressed a new wildflower planting project with seeding to take place near Tanyard Barn, The Acres and some HTC sites at Horley Recreation Ground and Emlyn Meadows bunds in April.  Wildflower habitats help the environment in a variety of interesting ways and, as pollinator plants, provide bees, butterflies and other pollinators with food throughout the year.

We will be pleased to report further updates on tree planting initiatives and our future environmental activities as more plans unfold.


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