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Find out more about new Local Plan timetable – public meeting on 1 February

20 January 2023

Come along to the Old Council Chamber, at 7pm on 1 February, for a presentation and Q&A session about Reigate & Banstead Borough Council’s timetable to prepare, consult on and adopt a new Local Plan for 2027 onwards.

Helping to shape our borough

Cllr Richard Biggs, Executive Member for Planning Policy and Place Delivery, explains: “Planning is one of the Council’s key responsibilities and impacts everyone. It helps shape the environment that we live in, where we live, the places we work, the open spaces we enjoy and how we travel.

“The Council’s existing Local Plan Core Strategy and Development Management Plan are scheduled to run until July 2027. These important documents help guide and manage how our borough develops and changes in an integrated and controlled way. We now need to work on a new, single, Local Plan to set out the vision, policies and development framework for 2027 and beyond. Preparing a new Local Plan takes time, so we need to start now to make sure we’re ready.”

Beginning a new Local Plan process

Local councils are required to have an up-to-date Local Plan. The plan generally looks 15-20 years ahead and makes it clear what is intended to happen in an area, where and when this will occur and how it will be delivered.  

It is a long and complex process that must be done according to regulations, national planning policy and guidance. This involves gathering and updating evidence, widespread consultation and preparing policies for independent examination by Government Planning Inspectors, before the final decision to adopt is taken by the whole Council.

The first key step in developing our new Local Plan was the Council agreeing a Local Development Scheme (LDS). This establishes a formal timetable about how to achieve the necessary stages during the next few years, along with potential risks and mitigation measures to reduce their impact.

Opportunities to have your say

Cllr Biggs adds: “We are in the very early stages of producing our new Local Plan to help ensure our borough remains an attractive and thriving place to live, work and visit. We need a plan that meets the Council’s statutory requirement and allows development to be steered towards the most appropriate locations, sets ambitious environment sustainability and biodiversity requirements, helps attract investment in infrastructure and responds to changes in legislation, demographics and people’s habits.

“We won’t know for a while yet about any potential sites, possible housing numbers needed or other proposed details for 2027 and beyond. This will become clearer as we prepare the new Local Plan and there will be plenty of opportunities to have your say during future public consultations. I encourage residents, and anyone else who is interested, to come along to our public meeting. We’ll explain more about how the Local Plan will be produced and the ways people can comment and get involved during the next few years.”

Meeting details

  • 7pm on Wednesday 1 February, in the Old Council Chamber, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, Town Hall, Castlefield Road, Reigate, RH2 0SH
  • To help us manage numbers and facilities, please confirm your attendance in advance - by emailing the Planning Policy Team at or calling 01737 276000.
  • To view the adopted Local Development Scheme, visit


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