Horley Infant School is awarded the highest level of accreditation

Horley Infant School have been awarded Platinum level Modeshift STARS Accreditation for their efforts in increasing levels of walking, cycling and other forms of sustainable travel by delivering an Outstanding Travel Plan that has achieved a significant reduction in all modes of car travel and an increase in active modes of travel. Only two schools in Surrey have managed to achieve this highest level of accreditation.

“As 1 in 4 cars on the road each morning are on the school run and are responsible for half a million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually in the UK, we needed initiatives to help reduce these statistics and improve the air quality around school”, said Jason Walters, Headteacher, who also rides his bike to school as a leading example. “We encouraged pupils to travel by foot or bike, or at least walk the last 10 minutes to school, as this would mean fewer cars outside the school gates. We initiated an anti-idling campaign outside school and negotiated free car parking at the Reigate & Banstead Car Park at the bottom of the road during drop off and collection times.”

Lynn Sadd, travel plan co-ordinator, said “As 40% of accidents occur during the darker hours, we collaborated with our neighbouring Junior school, and held a local residents forum and discussion group to help with the ongoing problems of traffic and car parking outside residences and school. We also consulted with local businesses and were successful in obtaining over 300 free hi-viz jackets for all children to wear during the darker winter months. With all these initiatives in place over the last four years we have achieved an exceptional increase of 20% in the number of children walking, cycling or scooting to school, which has exceeded all our expectations!”

As a whole school, and as individuals, we all have a key role to play in raising awareness and encouraging behaviour change towards more sustainable and healthier ways to travel to and from school. Our incentives and joint enthusiasm for a greener, cleaner and safer travel for all at Horley Infant School (and the wider community) has gone from strength to strength and has ignited a new interest in sustainable green travel.

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