Roadworks A23 Bonehurst Rd 9 Aug for 16 weeks

Advance warning of roadworks on A23 Bonehurst Rd between Shell garage roundabout and Cross Oak Lane. 16 weeks from 9 Aug

Multi-way lights / Lane Closures / Road Closures (overnight & temporary closure of the Right of Way)

Scheme background
This work links the previously completed shared footway that was constructed on the eastern side of the A23 which runs from Three Arch Road to Crossoak Lane. The proposed scheme is a shared footway on the western side of the A23 from Crossoak Lane to Chequers roundabout and is linked via the existing toucan crossing at the new Horley masterplan link road. It is also proposed to convert the existing footway on the northern side of Crossoak Lane to shared footway, and introduce a priority give way at the railway bridge with advisory cycle lanes through the arch. Westbound vehicular traffic will give way to eastbound traffic.

Information for residents and businesses
The temporary traffic management will be in place for the majority of the scheme, therefore there will be increased traffic due to our works taking place. However we will monitor the traffic lights specifically between 7:00 - 10:00 and 16:00 - 19:00 to ease congestions and balance queues. The works will be carried out predominantly during the day and there is a possibility of Saturday working. Night works, night road closures and right of way closures are possible as the scheme progresses, we will update you with changes to the traffic management.

Night works
Working overnight is necessary on traffic sensitive roads to reduce disruption during peak times. It also enables longer uninterrupted working before the closure must be lifted for daytime traffic, and results in a shorter period of disruption. There will be some noise, but we will try to carry out the bulk of the noisiest works before midnight.

Delays in work
Our work is sometimes delayed by bad weather. We will keep you updated on any changes via the advance warning signs and on

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