Pickleball Come to Horley

A new sport comes to Horley!

We are delighted to announce that Horley Recreation Ground has a Pickleball Court, the first outdoor court in the Borough. It is situated on one of the Tennis Courts, the court markings are a distinctive blue. No need to book.

So what is Pickleball?

Pickleball was invented in 1965 in Washington and is now played all over the World. It is a paddleball sport similar to a racket sport that combines elements of Tennis, Badminton & Table tennis, and can be played as singles or doubles. The paddle is smaller than a tennis racket but larger than a table tennis bat and is played with a small hard plastic perforated ball. The sport shares features of other racket sports, the dimensions of the court are the same size as a badminton court, the net is 34 inches high in the centre which is 2 inches lower than a tennis net. It is a sport for all ages and abilities which allows you to work on your balance, agility, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination without putting excessive strains on your body. A fun sport for all to enjoy.

The rules of the game can be found at www.pickleballengland.org 

A local supplier of equipment www.pickle-ball.co.uk 

Happy Pickling!

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