Rural Speed Limit Project in Surrey: Resident's Survey

Lower speed limits in rural areas across the south of Surrey

As part of SCC's commitment to setting sensible and effective speed limits, an investment of £100,000 is being made by Surrey Police through the Drive SMART Surrey Safer Roads Partnership to implement lower speed limits in rural areas across the south of Surrey. Supporting this, we have been awarded £39,840 from The Road Safety Trust to evaluate the project. The national 60 mph speed limit is no longer appropriate for many of the narrow rural country roads in Surrey. Indeed, there are no national 60 mph speed limit roads left in the southeast of Surrey (south of the A25 and east of the A24), with most having been reduced to 40 mph incrementally over the past two decades, with a few exceptions.

This new project will evaluate the impact of the speed limit reductions already in place and then evaluate the new reductions on a proactive strategic area-wide basis to the west of the A24 across the Surrey Hills towards Guildford. Successful speed management will support the council’s goals of improving road safety, supporting active travel and reducing air and noise pollution on our rural roads.

Survey on traffic speed and risk on rural roads in Surrey

As part of the rural speed limit project Surrey County Council are seeking the views of Surrey residents on speed and risk on rural roads (single carriageway in a non-built-up area). Therefore it would be great if you could ask our local councils to disseminate the following survey link to local residents:

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