Important Information: Esso SEP Pipeline – Operation & Safety Update

Criminal activity 

The issue of illegal tapping into the pipeline is an extremely hazardous activity and has become an increasing problem over the last few years, perpetrated by organised gangs. Esso wish to raise awareness of this and promote the reporting of any suspicious activity.

  • Anybody inspecting the pipeline should have Fisher German (FG) or Esso identification.
  • Anyone digging on or within 3m of the pipeline should be supervised by FG staff.
  • Our FG maintenance personnel and ground patrols have dark blue VW and white Vauxhall Amorok vans which are clearly marked.
  • Illegal tapping can typically involve a small hole being dug straight down to the pipe, a hose connected to the pipe and then this hose being laid for a significant distance to a point where a vehicle can turn off the road and fill up tanks. The actual tapping and laying the hose is likely to happen at night, with the hole backfilled and the hose neatly buried under the surface of the ground and along hedges and other features. 
  • Should you become aware of any suspicious activity/vehicles please call us on 0800 136 812 or if felt appropriate please dial 999.

Please report any suspicious activity near the pipeline.

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