Funding Opportunities

Surrey County Council (SCC) has launched a new capital fund of £100m over 5 years to support community projects county-wide in line with Surrey’s Community Vision 2030.  The aim is to support exciting, new community projects put forward by residents, local groups and organisations if they meet a set of criteria designed to ensure deliverability and sustainability in local areas. These include wide-ranging improvement and enhancement projects too. 

There may also be capital funding possibilities through the scheme in relation to an asset such as buildings, equipment, vehicles, public realm but would not cover revenue costs, such as for the running and administration of an organisation. 

Horley Town Council has taken the opportunity to put together a shortlist of projects for the benefit of the Horley community. The first of these is the redevelopment of Michael Crescent Centenary Park.  We have posted this site on the SCC Commonplace platform as a proposed project to provide a new community centre in the Gardens Estate, the details of which are shown on the link here.  For our application to be considered, we must demonstrate that we have strong community support in favour of the proposal (along with other projects we submit at a later stage).  So if you wish to support this community project, then please view it on the Commonplace map and register your interest by clicking on the ‘Agree’ symbol and answering a few survey questions (optional).  Other local projects put forward can also be viewed this way and feedback given, including the Horley Commercial Hub which has been posted as another partnership project.  We will be pleased to provide further updates on the community fund in due course. 

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