Earl Haig Sports & Social Club Fire Appeal

Devastating Fire at Earl Haig Sports & Social Club

As some of you may be aware the Earl Haig Sports & Social Club in Horley, suffered a fire on 15th May. The probable cause was in the electrical system, but because of the intensity of the fire the inspectors have said that it’s impossible to know for sure. The fire destroyed the roof and caused extensive damage to the club. The building was not insured against fire due to the archaic electrical system, which had been in place for many years. 

The building itself is 104 years old and was donated to the people of Horley in 1916 by Earl Haig, who specified that the club can never be sold. To this day it is still owned by the community. It was formerly held by the British Legion for over 78 years and is still used regularly by them especially as a venue for their Remembrance Day service.

If you wish offer a donation (however large or small) to help with the rebuild then visit the gofundme page. 

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