Staying safe from Coronavirus scams

This page will show the latest scam alerts from orgnisations such as Surrey Trading Standards, Neighbourhood Watch, Surrey Police and other such public bodies. The most recently notified are at the top. Please share far and wide

Surrey & Buckinghamshire Trading Standards

If you buy a facemask then be aware exactly what you are purchasing and buy from a reputable trader. Homemade masks are NOT regulated.

This article gives a clear understanding about the different grades of facemask.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says the UK government's stance on face masks had not changed, despite the Scottish government now recommending people use face coverings when they are out and about in shops and on public transport.

(Information correct at the time of writing - be aware Government advice can change daily)

Neighbourhood watch

Dear Neighbourhood Watch supporters,

We continue to think about you all at this difficult time. In response we hope you have been able to connect with your neighbours to support each other through this crisis. 

At Neighbourhood Watch we have seen a 25% increase in membership. We have published a special edition of 'Our News' (the e-newsletter for Neighbourhood Watch supporters) to welcome our new members, look at how Neighbourhood Watch brings communities together, ways existing groups are supporting their communities through the COVID-19 pandemic and more things you can do such as establishing a phone tree, and how to avoid and report crimes and scams.

Read the e-newsletter by following this link or viewing it on our website.

Keep safe, stay at home.

Scam alerts from Neighbourhood Alerts and Surrey Trading Standards below

Latest scams

Letter to vulnerable residents from Surret & Buckinghamshire Trading Standards

Wash your hands of corona virus scams read here


Have you received a text claiming to be from the Government that you've been fined for leaving your home?

The latest in a series of scams relating to the coronavirus claims to be from the Government, telling the recipient their movements have been monitored through their phone and they must pay a fine or face a more serious penalty.

The scammers are getting more sophisticated and using spoofing technology to make the messages seem even more realistic by adapting the sender's name, using fake '' website URL's and even adding themselves to the conversation chain of the genuine 'GOV.UK' message sent out last week.

And unfortunately, the list of new scams associated with Covid-19 is growing by the day.

Please always seek advice before replying to any messages that you receive of this nature. If you've received this text, please ignore it as it's simply used as a way to steal your payment details.

The Government has only sent one text message to the public regarding new rules about staying at home to prevent the spread of the virus. Any other claiming to be from the Government are false.

In all of these cases, do not click or tap any links that these messages ask you to.

Community Matters. Now, more than ever... 

A Message from Neighbourhood Alerts:

You, Coronavirus and staying safe online
We all have enough to be concerned about from the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. That’s why our online experts have put together some top tips about how to protect yourself, your loved ones, finances and devices from the scams that are currently circulating. As well as advice about keeping yourself and your organisation protected whilst working from home.
To see more about online safety during this uncertain time visit or take a look at our new online leaflet attached.


More scam alerts from Trading Standards

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