Horley Community Environment Week

Horley Town Council, in partnership with other authorities, is encouraging the local community to take actions to lower its use of fossil fuels. We believe that every small step helps and by acting together we can make a significant difference to stop climate chaos.

We are aiming to seek the co-operation of small and corporate businesses, as well as local residents and schools. Examples of the initiatives we are promoting are:

  • Reducing/eliminating plastic shopping bags during Environment Week.
  • Improving residents’ recycling participation.
  • Organising a “Friends of Horley” group of residents who will periodically participate in environmental campaigns.
  • Organising one or two litter-picking forays of “Grot Spots” during the week using volunteers from youth/community groups and volunteer residents.
  • Improving business and individual conservation of energy, water and other valuable resources.

We are going to raise everyone’s awareness of how lots of small contributions can together achieve so much more.

What commitment are you prepared to make? Please tick at least 5 of the pledges in the chart overleaf and send the form back to us either by post or e-mail, so that we know the numbers who are supporting the campaign.

Our ambition is to have at least 500 people sign up to commit to the challenges and encourage others to participate. One we have your details we will let you know of the potential energy savings that have been made.

We will follow this up with other ideas in conjunction with the Recycling Bank scheme of Reigate & Banstead Borough Council and other community initiatives, in the hope that we will continue to improve our planet.

Those who sign up will be kept informed of the overall impact it has made. If we do sign up at least 500 people it will make a significant impact.

Please tick at least five of the pledge boxes and submit your response online by following this link.

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