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Edit Martial Arts - Athena Martial Arts: Kickboxing, Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu

Tel: 07801 442730
Email: athenamartialarts@gmail.com
Website: http://www.athenamartialarts.com

Athena Martial Arts offers classes for the whole family and is run by former GB kickboxing international and third dan karate black belt Lisa Boardman in venues in Horley and Reigate.

Lisa runs classes for all ages and abilities in a variety of styles to suit everyone, including: kickboxing, wado ryu karate, wing chun and non-contact cardio kickboxing classes for those specifically interested in the fitness aspect. She is now a qualified INSANITY instructor, which is a high intensity interval training programme sweeping the globe due to its success in getting people in great shape.

If your aim is to get fit, INSANITY is what you need! Athena Martial Arts runs grading sessions four times a month for those who wish to progress towards their blackbelts and they also coach their students to compete in tournaments across the country and Europe. Athena Martial Arts is in alliance with the SKF (Sports Karate Federation) based in Crawley.

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