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Tel: 01293 782833
Email: hbcmembership@gmail.com
Website: http://horleybowlsclub.co.uk/

Horley Bowling Club, nestled within the scenic Horley Recreation Ground on Brighton Road, offers a serene retreat for those seeking the timeless enjoyment of flat green bowling. However, there's more to our story than meets the eye.

Our doors are open year-round, catering to the diverse tastes of our members. As the colder months set in, our two short mats in the cosy Clubhouse become increasingly popular. We proudly hold affiliation with the West Sussex County Short Mat Bowling Association, where we now engage in competitive matchups across Divisions 1 and 2 of the Association's League. But the camaraderie doesn't wane in winter; our regular social rollups draw an enthusiastic crowd.

Come summer, our gents take to the greens for fierce competition in the East Surrey League and the Border League. The Horley Ladies have followed suit, expanding their involvement in the East Surrey League with a growing number of fixtures. To add to the mix, we participate in mixed games through the North Downs Mixed Triples League, as well as friendly matches. All in all, our Club is no stranger to competition, engaging in 70 spirited matches against local clubs during the summer months.

If the allure of green or short mat bowling piques your interest, feel free to reach out to our Membership Secretary, Liz Conroy, at 01293 785715 or contact us via hbcmembership1913@gmail.com . We'd be delighted to welcome you to our community of bowlers – young or old.


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