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Tel: Chair: 07970 985577 / Secretary: 01293 784765
Email: town.clerk@horleytown.com

The Horley Town Management Group (HTMG) is a collaboration of stakeholders, comprising Town, Borough and County Council representatives as well as local businesses, retailers and community groups.  The primary aims of HTMG are to promote Horley town as a vibrant, progressive and positive community through its partnerships and to work together to achieve a safe, accessible and attractive place to live and to visit.  HTMG aims to convene frequent meetings and is affiliated with the Horley Regeneration Forum to achieve the ongoing revitalisation of Horley and economic growth in surrounding areas of the town. 

HTMG meets every month at various venues to discuss the Town Centre matters, usually on a Monday evening at 6.30pm. Please contact the Chairman, Andy Lynch (07970 985577) if you wish to discuss any aspects of the group. Joan Walsh, Horley Town Clerk, is the secretary and can be contacted on 01293 786765; town.clerk@horleytown.com

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