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Tel: 01293 456258
Website: http://www.horleybaptist.org.uk/events/link-club/

The Link Club at Horley Baptist Church is run purely for the benefit of people with learning disabilities, their friends, and carers. We seek to befriend and serve members prompted by our love of Christ. We don’t impose our beliefs, rather just have fun and encourage members to feel welcome at HBC.

We now have 40 guests/members and about 10 carers. There are around 20 helpers, all from HBC. Not only have numbers increased but relationships have flourished. We see many smiling faces, laughter in abundance and great, great fellowship. Added to this, some now regularly attend Praise Club, and a few participate in other HBC activities such as Holiday@Home, Spring Praise, Lunch Club and Our Favourite Carols.

We are funded through the church, as there is no charge for Link Club membership. Link Club meets on the Second Wednesday each month from 7.00pm to 9.00pm at Horley in our church centre: Horley Baptist Church, 289 Court Lodge Road, Horley. RH6 8RG.

Details of events can be found on the Horley Baptist Church website or contact Jon Norman on 07828 557449

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