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Tel: 07778 619566
Email: contact@horleyrugby.co.uk
Website: http://www.horleyrugby.co.uk/

Horley RFC was set up by three rugby-playing friends, who have a passion for playing grass roots rugby, coupled with pride in our home town and a desire to see this popular and thrilling sport played locally. As our club motto says, great oaks grow from small acorns, and our aspirations for Horley Rugby Club are to build a thriving club that will be enjoyed by thousands of local rugby players and supporters for generations to come. All clubs have to start somewhere and after six years of rapid development, we now run two senior men's teams (age 17 upwards) and a mini's section for children aged 6-11 years old. However, it is our firm intention to continue to build on this and we hope that we will soon be running many more teams across different age groups as well as a ladies side.

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