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Tel: 07848 805 244
Website: http://www.circleballet.btck.co.uk

We are a friendly group of adult dancers and have set up and run this group to provide a high-quality ballet class for those who share our love of ballet.

We meet on Thursdays during term time for an intermediate level ballet class. Although all are welcome to attend, the class is aimed at people who have had some experience of ballet, no matter how long ago or at which level.

We have dancers at all levels in the class, and we work at the level with which we feel comfortable. Beginners are very welcome, but they may find some aspects of the class challenging.

The classes last for one and a half hours, and consist of a barre, followed by stretching. We then have centre work of adage, jumps and pirouettes. There is some body-conditioning at the end of the class. We do not follow any particular syllabus and our fully-qualified teacher sets slightly different exercises each week.

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