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Tel: 0844 3570 961
Website: http://www.horleymethodistchurch.org.uk

Our church is more than just a building; it is a living community that has many members with a diversity of gifts. This website is very much a part of that. As you view these pages you will find a range of different activities and people.

Here at Horley Methodist Church, we desire and strive together to better live out what it means to be a Christian in today’s world. Our focus and hopes as a church are directly related to the experiences we have had as we walk together as a congregation. Friendships are a big part of who we are. Our sense of responsibility to our wider community is challenging us to service through our church development program.


Horley Methodist Church
Victoria Road
Horley, Surrey

0844 3570 961
01293 821925 (Answerphone)

For all enquiries relating to Room Hire

Tel: 0844 3577 21


10:00 – Morning Worship10:00 – FiTCH (Junior Church)



10:30 – Church open for Prayer11:00 – The 3:16 Cafe is OPEN



10:00 – The 3:16 Cafe is OPEN


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