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Tel: 01483 453962
Email: info@surreyyouthfocus.org.uk
Website: http://www.surreyyouthfocus.org.uk/

As a charity Surrey Youth Focus’ aim is to “significantly improve the lives of young people in Surrey”. Over the past two decades we have worked tirelessly to understand the needs of young people in the county and to innovate, broker and collaborate on projects to address these needs, with some resounding successes.

Surrey Youth Focus is described as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the voluntary youth sector. We have an extensive ‘reach’ and work with, and support, over 70 youth organisations (our members) ranging from large charities to local youth clubs. We also regularly work with Surrey County Council and other Local Authorities, Surrey Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner, Public Health and the Clinical Commissioning Groups, Businesses, Schools and other agencies interested in helping young people.

Surrey’s voluntary youth sector is vibrant and diverse. As the largest representative youth organisation in the county, Surrey Youth Focus recognises and celebrates the positive contribution young people make to our communities.

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