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Tel: 01293 822000
Email: info@horleytownfc.info
Website: http://www.horleytownfc.co.uk/

Horley Football Club was first affiliated to Surrey County FA in 1896.  In 1903 another local club by the name of Gatwick Rovers was formed and the two clubs merged in 1908 with Horley retaining its name.  Both these original clubs played in the same colours of red and black and it was not until 1912 that Horley adopted the colours of claret and blue that they still wear to this very day.

Intermediate football was tasted for the first time in season 1925/26 following an appearance in the Surrey County Junior Cup Final in 1923/24 and winning the Surrey County Junior Charity Cup in 1924/25.

In 2009/10 the Club welcomed Horley Rugby Club, and The New Defence Sports Club with its excellent facilities can now offer both sports to local enthusiasts on a regular basis.

2011/12 saw Horley Town FC finish in the top half of the League under the management of Ali Rennie and Mark Lay also seeing some good results in the FA Cup rounds.

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