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Tel: 01293 665091
Email: Info@horleycommunitypreschool.co.uk
Website: http://www.horleycommunitypreschool.co.uk/

Our aim is to provide high quality, affordable and accessible early education and childcare for children aged two to five years in a safe, secure and happy environment. We offer flexibility meeting the individual requirements of our families. Our staff are trained to the highest level understanding the individual needs of every child.

We believe it is important that the Pre-school is a centre where parents, carers and staff work in partnership for the best outcomes for your child’s learning and development. This continuity of care and vision promotes a positive start to every child’s education.

Tanyard Barn Community Centre,
The Acres, Brookfield Drive,
Horley, RH6 9TA,

Tele: 07948 809246

Strawson Community Hall,
158 Albert Road,
Horley, RH6 7HZ,

Tele: 07305 538704

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