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Tel: 01293 782263
Email: info@horley.surrey.sch.uk
Website: http://www.horley.surrey.sch.uk

Horley Infant School is well respected throughout the local community. It is known for its happy atmosphere and stimulating curriculum, promoting the desire to question and investigate. The school is committed to children achieving their potential and believe this is gained through outstanding teacher, high expectations of behaviour and an environment where they feel happy, safe, valued and respected.

Under the new revised Ofsted regulations bought in in January of this year, Horley Infant School has been recognised as a “Good” school. The school is a welcoming, caring and vibrant community, where behaviour is good; pupils feel safe and are happy and friendly. Parents have no hesitation in recommending this school to others, because they rightly believe that their children enjoy school, feel safe and make good and sometimes outstanding progress.

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