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Tel: 01293365124
Email: info@earwaxsolution.co.uk
Website: http://www.earwaxsolution.co.uk
Description: Enjoy better hearing with ear cleaning services. Getting ears cleaned periodically is important for well-functioning and healthy ears. If extra ear wax is not removed, it may build up into impacted earwax and cause symptoms such as ear pain or reducing hearing. Professionals at Ear Wax Solution use a microsuction ear wax removal technique, which is far safer and more comfortable than any other ear cleaning method. A vacuum is used in earwax microsuction to delicately remove any extra wax from your ears. It's among the best options for cleansing your ears. We only use ENT Vortex O binocular scopes in order to maximise your safety and comfort. These scopes give us the thorough understanding and knowledge required to operate with utmost precision while working in the ear canal's confined space. When necessary, our knowledgeable clinicians can make same-day appointments or house visits to aid with hearing loss, ringing in the ears, and other issues. Contact us today to book an appointment

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