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Tel: N/A
Email: julie_ordish@live.co.uk
Website: http://https://www.facebook.com/groups/906782999531579
Description: Horley Walkie Talkies is a Horley-based walking group created in January 2019 with around 2,200 members. The group was set up by two Horley residents, Julie Ordish and Yvonne Kinasz and members communicate through their Facebook group Members of the group are of all different ages, backgrounds and fitness levels, making for a wonderfully diverse group. Like many, various members have gone through hard times over the last year and thanks to Horley Walkie Talkies, were able to overcome some of their personal difficulties. From members coping with grief to a Diabetes diagnosis, which the walks helped ease and solve, not to mention the mental health lifeline the group has provided. They are an amazing group and are always offering walks in different locations across Surrey and Sussex, to ensure the interest is kept alive. Members can create events on the group and host their own walks and can attend any they wish by clicking the attend button on the desired walk. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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