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Email: membership@rrsc.org.uk
Website: http://www.rrsc.org.uk

Redhill & Reigate Swimming Club (RRSC) is a swimming club based in Surrey, that was established way back in 1887.  It is well known for its friendly atmosphere, but it also has a competitive edge and strives to put up the strongest teams possible for competitions. The club operates a squad system and training sessions are held regularly each week to cater for a range of ages and abilities.

The club's main aim is to provide all swimmers with the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential within swimming and enable them to acquire life skills that will assist them in the future.

At RRSC you can expect to work hard, have fun and meet new people. We ask for commitment and self-discipline and in return you will improve your health and fitness, learn to work towards goals, be part of a team and share in each other's successes.

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