Horley Vimy - Twining Association Talk

14th November 2019, 19:45
St Wilfreds Church, Horley Row, Horley
01306 880960

A lecture by Andy Thompson - PLUS music reflecting the period by Nick & Jackie

With 11 million dead, twice as many wounded, an unknown number traumatised by their experiences & millions more mourning the loss of loved ones it was easy to understand why Woodrow Wilson wrote, in early 1918, that the Great War was “the war to end all wars,” The aftermath of World War 1 was to prove him horribly wrong. In 1922 George Santayana’s wrote “only the dead have seen the end of the war”, which proved a much more accurate reflection of the events of 1914-18.
Despite the fake news that the 2018 Horley-Vimy evening was to be the last, popular demand causes us to meet again in 2019! This time with music of the period – Nick & Jackie, a talented jazz duo, will play & perform songs from each year of the war that reflect the changing mood in the UK.

By 1919 the impact of WW1 was gradually dawning across the world. The Versailles Treaty was being seen only as ‘peace for a generation’; the reparations to be paid by Germany would impoverish the defeated enemy for generations, Russia was embroiled in violent civil war whilst the US had emerged as the world’s undoubted superpower. The industrial war that had destroyed empires, killed millions and destroyed the delicate balance of world power left a legacy that few could comprehend with the crisis being even more challenging with most of Europe’s leaders lying in the battlefield cemeteries dotted along the old front line. The post war period looked daunting at best, bleak at worst.
During the evening we will try and unpick the issues, examine the attempts to restore order and outline the eventual outcomes. The music will lighten the mood. Promise!!

As always, the plan is to deliver the topic in an entertaining and educational style.
We look forward to seeing you!
19:45 THURSDAY 14th November 2019
St Wilfred’s Church Horley Row Horley RH6 8DF
Pay on door – no need to book in advance
Cost: £6 (to include wine & nibbles) –
All proceeds to Horley-Vimy Association & WW1 charities
Full details from: Andy Thompson 01306 880960 Mobile 0776 819 799 info@eyewitnesstours.com
Andrew Partridge 01293 775262 Mobile 0774 051 871 andrew.partridge@virgin.net

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