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Address: Tesco Extra - Gatwick, Community Room
Reigate Road
Tel: 07599 551882

Learn to communicate with your baby through baby signing! Classes are suitable from birth to 2 years for all children before they have developed full spoken language. Each class lasts for one hour. The first half hour we sing and sign to popular nursery rhymes, learning signs that will be useful for everyday life with your little one, we do 'walkabout' songs, enjoy exciting developmental activities together and play with musical instruments. The second half of the class provides play time for the babies whilst the adults relax a bit with a coffee and biscuits, make some new friends or chat with me individually to support their learning. Each lesson is different with a structured plan (though the classes are very relaxed!) so that throughout the course of the year you will learn up to 150 British Sign Language signs that are appropriate to the needs and wants of your child. Baby sign language is proven to develop early verbal communication and reduce frustrations between baby and parent. I would love to hear from you if you are interested to know more about joining our class. Email me or contact us through Facebook at the 'TinyTalk Mole Valley' page. Katherine x

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