Power of Well Being

Horley Town Council has voted to extend its powers and potential responsibilities. At its Full Council meeting held on the 11 May, the Power of Well Being was formally adopted.

The Power of Wellbeing (known as the Parish Councils (Power to Promote Wellbeing) (Prescribed Conditions) Order 2008) is a new style of legislation which may be used by those Town and Parish Councils who have fulfilled various criteria including the specific training of councillors and its officers, the publication of the Statement of Intent for Community Engagement and the requirement that at least two-thirds of vacancies on the Council have been filled by election.

The Power may be used to promote or improve the economic, social or environmental wellbeing of the area and overrides previous legislation. It makes the Council much more flexible in being able to spend money on any project that could improve the local community. The Power was first introduced for principal local authorities under the Local Government Act of 2000 and has now been extended to parish councils.

Re-elected Chairman and Town Mayor Cllr Simon Marshall said “The Council has worked very hard to obtain this award and I am delighted that we can start the new municipal year with this new Power at our disposal. Our Councillors and Staff have all worked very hard by undertaking the appropriate training.”

More information can be obtained from the Town Clerk, Alan Jones.

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