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Tel: 01293 785721
Email: info@leestreetchurch.org
Website: http://leestreetchurch.org/horley-crusaders

Horley Crusaders is part of Urban Saints, a national Christian youth organisation committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with its members.

The group meets weekly on Friday evenings except during school holidays, at the following times:

7.00-8.15pm for those aged 9 to end of Year 7
8.15-9.30pm for those in Years 8 to 11

We welcome children and young people from any or no religious background and part of each Friday evening is allocated to Bible-based teaching. All members must attend and take part in this activity.

Members are free to take part in a wide range of activities, including computer games, crafts, cooking, football, snooker, volleyball and badminton inside during the winter months and making use of our outside facilities in the summer. There are opportunities to take part in other activities, including ten-pin bowling and swimming.

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