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Tel: 01293 782833
Email: hbcmembership@gmail.com
Website: http://horleybowlsclub.co.uk/
Description: Fancy trying a new sport or want to get back into Bowling then Horley Bowling Club is the place for you. Bowl for fun, health & fitness or just to make new friends & enjoy social events & outings. A low cost sport suitable for all ages so the whole family can join this is an easy sport to start yet difficult to master! We have all the equipment you need to try a taster session and from there you have 3 free lessons with our qualified coaches to help you get the best from your game and decide if you want to join when we offer 50% reduction on your first years fees. You can play as competitively as you like be it playing in our East Surrey and mixed North Downs leagues and County matches or just for fun in our many in house competitions and relaxed social roll ups. In Winter the ever popular Short Mat format of the game is played in our club house where we have 3 very successful teams playing in 3 divisions of the West Sussex Leagues. Social sessions are held almost every morning & afternoon with in house competitions held for those wanting more serious yet friendly games. If you are interested in finding out more please call our Members Secretary Liz on 01293 785715 or email hbcmembership@gmail.com or via Facebook, or our contact form on the website. Please feel free to pop into the club when you see us bowling you are always very welcome to watch & chat with members.

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