HORLEY IN 2020 - Online Photographic Competition

The 2020 Photographic Competition aimed to show how local residents had used the outdoor spaces in Horley during the COVID Pandemic. We had some amazing entries in all three categories.

Here are the winners and runner ups in the 16+ category

1st place - Kim Osbourne (Boy with kite), 2nd place Yvonne Kinasz (heron landing), 3rd place Rene Maan (Old bench)

1st place photo winner


Very High Commended

Rene Maan (leaf), Steve Tullet (Bird on branch), Katie Everett (Ladbird on grass) Steve Tullet (Butterfly), Paula Jelley (Girl on trampoline) Shikha Das (Sunset) Veronica Ballard (Swirly flowers) Wendy McGurrin (Over 60s)

School Years 7-11 Winners

1st Place Amelia Bryne (Mucky Pup), 2nd Place Evie Lewis (Basketball), 3rd Place Ben Parnell (boy with dog), Highly Commended Eloise Maan (Girl in field)


Years 6 and Under

1st Place Mya Fakun (child om scooter) 2nd Place Isabel Maan (Berries)

Last edited: 26/02/2021

Created on: 23/05/2019

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