Committee: Finance and General Purposes

Its Sub-Committees are:

  • Communications Sub-Committee
  • Resilience and Emergency Plan Sub-Committee
  • Internal Audit Review Sub-Committee
  • Standing Orders Sub-Committee

Its outside bodies are:

  • Borough Standards Committee
  • Surrey Association of Local Councils (Surrey ALC)

Terms of Reference

The Finance & General Purposes Committee shall make recommendations to Full Council relative to:

  • The location of Town Council Offices.
  • The purchase, sale, transfer, construction, alteration, acquisition and maintenance of buildings and other structures.
  • Purchase, disposal or sale of land.
  • Leasing, licensing and letting of land and buildings in the Council's ownership and obtaining planning permission where necessary.
  • Review and variation of Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and associated policies
  • Town Council Precept.
  • Grant Applications
  • Town and Ward boundary issues.
  • Changes in legislation or Government directives.
  • Freedom of Information – Model Publication Scheme


The Finance & General Purposes Committee shall exercise the powers and duties of the Council relative to:

  • The Town Council Schedule of Meetings.
  • Organisation of Town Meeting.
  • Civic matters and social functions.
  • National Association of Local Councils (NALC)
  • Surrey Association of Local Councils (Surrey ALC, formerly SCAPTC)
  • Newsletter, Annual Report and Town Guide
  • The maintenance or replacement as necessary, of Town Council equipment and furnishings in the Albert Rooms.
  • Applications for the use of the Albert Rooms by others.
  • Charges for the use of Council owned buildings by others.
  • Placing and variation of insurance policies.
  • Ensuring that the Financial Regulations of the Council are strictly adhered to.
  • Consideration of all audit reports. (Including Councillors’ Audit)
  • Approval of Monthly Financial Reports (to include all payments and receipts for the month in question)
  • Banking arrangements.
  • Investments.
  • Accounting functions.
  • Fund-raising.
  • Budget control in accordance with the approved estimates.
  • Preparation of annual budget in liaison with other committees.
  • Making appointments to, and receiving reports in respect of, its Outside Bodies.


Committee Members

Committee Documents



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