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Press Release: Horley Town Council - Precept for 2019/2020

At its Full Council meeting on 11 December 2018, Horley Town Council approved its budget for 2019/20 and set its Town Precept.  Cllr Samantha Marshall, Chairman of the Town Council’s Finance & General Purposes Committee, explained that the Precept for 2019/20 had been set at a total net figure of £372,755.  This means that the Town element of Council Tax will be an average annual amount of £37.87 per household, representing an annual increase of 97p per Band D property (+ 2.64 %).  This figure still only represents two thirds of the National Average Precept.

Cllr Samantha Marshall commented:

"The Town Council remains fully committed in delivering all its services as well as pursuing a programme of enhancements and new projects. These will include continued improvements to our recreation grounds and playgrounds, some of which have been completed or are in the course of being implemented.  A brand new playground has been installed at Court Lodge Fields, supplied and installed by HAGS UK, within the current Municipal Year, as well as a new multi-play unit at the Michael Crescent Playground, supplied and installed by Sutcliffe Play.  Currently all the safety surfacing at the Horley Recreation Ground Playground is being replaced by Southern Landscape and Construction Ltd, working in partnership with DCM Surfaces.  The Town Council has also acquired planning approval for the building of a Café Pavilion and toilets at Horley Recreation Ground and is currently proceeding with the tender programme for a possible opening in the summer of 2019.

The Town Council will continue to support St Bartholomew’s New Churchyard and has made provision for £6,500 towards the grounds maintenance, subject to the approval of a grant application from the Church.

Provision has also been made for CCTV upgrades and enhancements at our parks in consultation with security provider experts and Surrey Police. The Town Council will also maintain its commitment to have regular patrols in all its parks for extra security and public safety.

The Council has again made provision for superb floral displays to enhance the town centre for the benefit of residents and visitors.  We are very grateful to those Borough and County Councillors who continue to use their Community Awards Schemes to contribute generous funding for this and other projects.  We would like to also extend a note of thanks to the many local groups and businesses for their continued support in the community through sponsorship. 

The Town Council will continue to seek funding from appropriate bodies (for example the Gatwick Airport Community Trust) and will increase its reserved funds for new projects with £20,000 earmarked for continued playground improvements.

In conclusion, Horley Town Council will remain steadfast in providing and enhancing facilities that meet the needs of the Horley community, and in doing so, achieving them at best value. Detailed information on the budget will be available on our website or from the Town Council offices."

Cllr Samantha Marshall, Chairman Finance & General Purposes Committee

11 December 2018



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