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Photographic Competition Results 2017

Adult – Plants / Hanging Basket
First – Colin Hodsdon, Bleeding Heart                                              
Second – Shikha Fakun, Water Lily                                                     
Highly Commended – Dennis Ramsey, Plants in Harmony
Highly Commended, Shikha Fakun, Orange Dahlia
Highly Commended, Julia & Chloe, Red & Orange Flowers
Adult – Street View/Park/Countryside
First – Shikha Fakun, Riverside Lake
Second - Richard Cantwell, St Bart’s Church                                               
Highly Commended – Doug Cox, Memorial Gardens                               
Highly Commended – Shikha Fakun, Riverside Scene 
Adult – Garden Scene
First – Lorna Cantwell, Garden with Rope Fence                                                   
Second – Shikha Fakun, Bee on White Flowers
Highly Commended – Jim Williamson, Banana Plant & Agapanthus               
Highly Commended – Peter O’Malley, Garden with Pond
Key Stage One - Street View / Garden Scene
First – Katie Cantwell, Katie
Second – Mya Fakun, Cheyne Walk
Highly Commended – Mya Fakun, Pink Begonias
Key Stage One – Plants / Hanging Baskets
First – Katie Cantwell, Pansies
Second – Katie Cantwell, Pink Flowers
Highly Commended – Mya Fakun, White Rose
Highly Commended – Mya Fakun, Unusual Plants

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