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Press Release: CAA Approves Route 4

News Release


Friday 7 April 2017


CAA announces decision on Gatwick Airport’s Route 4 departure review

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has today published the conclusions of its review of the Route 4 departure from Gatwick Airport.  

In 2013 Gatwick Airport sought the CAA's approval to implement changes to all nine of its departure routes.  These changes were approved in August 2013, following consultation carried out by the airport.

This move represents a change from the old ground-based navigation to the improved navigational capabilities associated with satellite-based systems.

Whenever airspace changes are implemented, the CAA conducts a post implementation review to assess whether the anticipated impacts and benefits have met the desired expectations.  

In December 2015 we announced the conclusion of our post implementation review, which found that Route 4 had not delivered the aim of the airspace change and needed to be modified to an acceptable standard. Route 4 departs from the westerly runway and then turns right to head east to route north of the airport.

Since then Gatwick Airport has modified Route 4. The CAA has now reviewed this route, which has included a comprehensive study of flight paths flown and an assessment of the significant amount of feedback received from the general public.

In conclusion, the CAA has decided that the modified Route 4 has delivered the aim of the airspace change to an acceptable standard and this change will now be made permanent. 

The CAA recognises airspace changes can have an impact on communities and in making this decision, has asked Gatwick Airport to give a number of undertakings including:

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